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2015 AAU Tennessee Girls Basketball State Championship Results & Photos
Tennessee AAU Girls Basketball
I want to say thank you for all teams, coaches and fans that attended our largest TN AAU Girls Basketball State Championships ever!! Competition was great, excitement was at it's peak and thank you for all that have sent me great responses on your experiences. TN AAU girls basketball has the best programs in the Nation and I hope we will flood the National Championships in all age groups as we always do. Let's bring home some National Champions in each age group!!! Go to Nationals!! Thank you for playing AAU and I look forward to continue to maintain this web site with important information. Please continue to check back. Until then, Play hard, but remember to have fun!!
Jerry Codispoti - Director of Tennessee AAU Girls Basketball - C:865-322-5251 
Email: jerry.codispoti@yahoo.com
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3rd Grade Runner-upWACG
3rd Grade Champion
TN Fury
4th Grade DI Runner-upWACG
4th Grade DI Champion
TN Power
4th Grade DII Runner-upTN Rush
4th Grade DII Champion
TN Fury
5th Grade DI Runner-upWACG
5th Grade DI Champion
TN Rush
5th Grade DII Runner-upMcMinn Fire
5th Grade DII Champion
McMinn Fire
6th Grade DI Runner-upTN Flight Select
6th Grade DI Champion
Maryville Magic
6th Grade DII Runner-upTrotters
6th Grade DII Champion
7th Grade DI Runner-upTN Team Pride 2020
7th Grade DI Champion
McMinn Fire
7th Grade DII Runner-upLady Zoom Elite
7th Grade DII Champion
Runner-up & Champion
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TN Flight
8th grade DI Runner-up
8th grade DI Champion
Clarksville SOL
8th Grade DII Runner-upMcMinn Fire
8th Grade DII Champion
TN Rage
9th Grade DI Runner-upTrotters
9th Grade DI Champion
Chattanooga Deuces
9th Grade DII Runner-upTN Rush
9th Grade DII Champion
TN Flight West - White
10th Grade DI Runner-upTN Xtreme
10th Grade DI Champion
Moore County Raiderettes
10th Grade DII Runner-upLady Copperheads
10th Grade DII Champion
East Tennessee Air
11th Grade DI Runner-upTeam Memphis Elite
11th Grade DI Champion
Clarksville SOL
11th Grade DII Runner-upTN Power
11th Grade DII Champion
Runner-up & Champion
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